Mikey Arroyo's Most Entertaining Interview

This is presidential son Mikey Arroyo making the best out of his 15 minute interview with Winnie Monsod and Arnold Clavio.. How I wish the whole Philippines could watch this and let the Filipino people be the judge.. Tsk2x...

God, is that you?

Have you ever heard God's call?

I think I just did.

Yesterday, as I was passing by our large bookshelves at home, a spine of a book with its golden font suddenly caught my attention. The book was the The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino. I got the book and inspected it. I discovered that it was just a photocopy of the book and somebody had it in hard bound. With further inspection, I found out that the photocopied book was first read by my grandmother and she is passing it on to my grandfather as a gift as stated by her love letter on the very first page.

Being familiar with Og Mandino as the author of The Greatest Salesman in the World, my interest in the book heightened and I began reading it. The book is just 98 pages long which is a short read for me but it took me about 8 hours to finish the book (i finished goblet of fire in less than 24 hours).
I was so engrossed reading it. It was as if the author was talking to me that's why I was rereading every page I found very significant.

To what I have read and found significant, I can summarize the whole book in three points.

1. In our modern time, God communicates to us through man or man's creation.
2. We should not live a life of living death and we should not settle for mediocrity when we know in our hearts that we can still do better.
3. Read the book in order to know the third point!!!

I have been touched by this book very greatly as for I was living a life of living death wherein I lose my sense of self-worth due to some very heart breaking happenings in my life. I was having creepy feelings as I was reading for it was accurately describing the life I'm having and my thoughts.

During this Holy Week, it is as if God and the whole world was conspiring in conveying to me a certain message - I can change the world and I must change the world.

It first started after watching the movie "Yes Man" wherein the central theme is to live life to the fullest which somehow uplifted my spirit.

Second is after watching the movie "Evan Almighty" wherein the central theme is changing the world which I have thought at that time as something just very nice.

Finally, after reading the book of Og Mandino which combines the two previous central themes. I see the book as a confirmation that God really is trying to tell me something. The book really had an impact on me especially after reading the lines "Why not try to change the world?", "There is always hope", and "Never, never, never give up". Though I really don't understand the two last lines (for some reasons and situations in my life), I suddenly remembered what a Jesuit priest had said in a Lenten Special I was watching earlier that if God is trying to tell you something that is beyond your comprehension but you still accept it because you trust Him then you will be rewarded greatly. Remembering that line from the priest so suddenly is I think another message from God.

Now, I will live life to what I want it, how I want to see myself, not bothering how other people would look at me.

I will perform a miracle.


I just have created a new blog site which is dedicated in creating free photo mosaics. I hope many would support it. I need donations in order to improve my living conditions. Hehehe..

Visit: http://freephotomosaic.blogspot.com/

Set You Free

We often fool ourselves
And say that it's love
Only cause when it's gone We end up being lonely
So how are we to know That it just isn't so
That we just have to let each other go
There were many times
When we shared precious moments
But later realized they were only stolen moments
So how are we to know That it just wasn't so
That we just had to let each other go

If loving you is all that means to me
When being happy is all I hope you'd be
Then loving you must mean
I really have to set you free

Each day remains my love for you
Keeps growing stronger But everytime we meet
Makes leaving you so much harder
So how are we to know That this just wasn't so
That we just have to let each other go

Letting go is not an easy task
When smiling feels like
I must wear this lonely mask
It hurts deep inside And I just cannot hide
That there's anguish at the thought
That we should have to part.

So near yet so far...

And history repeats itself.. How lame of me.. I now live my life in a dream world..

Dream Car

And now it's inside our school. I really want one.

An Attack of Laziness

Weeeeeeee... 20 problems to be solved for thermodynamics which is due on Wednesday and here I am typing.. Hehehe..

I also have a presentation for my english class tomorrow and up to now I still don't have visual aids or something.. Well.. I think I can still manage.. I strongly believe that I can.. Hehehehe


The Mechanical Anti-terrorist Concept won a gold medal award for the 2008 World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions! Congratulations to Mapua Robotics Team for a job well done!

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Here I am in the library trying to study for my quiz in fluid mechanics however our school library is like the noisiest library in the world. I can't concentrate. It seems that mapuans are ignorant what a library is. Sigh..

The librarians don't even care about the noise generated by the students.. How will I ever get to study in this noise-filled place.

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Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics... Very interesting, very challenging and yet here I am blogging.. I must be studying.. T_T